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Inspiration without boundaries

Upbeat. Inspiring. Enthusiastic. Who doesn't want those words associated with them?

Antoine lives them every day! 

Antoine is a proud alumnus of Orange Grove Center’s adult services program, funded by United Way. Yes, Antoine has an intellectual disability, but it’s never held him back. His upbeat, giving personality continues to touch his teachers, classmates, and employers. 

Antoine works at Memorial Hospital’s cafeteria, and his friends and employers find his enthusiasm infectious and irresistible.

His manager describes one such instance where a classmate was afraid to cross a large metal grate. 

“One day Antoine ran up to the student and extended his arm to help him cross the grate,” he said. “The other student took his arm and walked across the grate without hesitation — confident that Antoine would keep him safe. And every day thereafter, when those two got to the grate, they walked across it together, arm in arm.” 

It’s easy to forget success isn’t always measured in terms of numbers, salaries, or grades. Often we see it in small gestures and acts ofkindness that, when combined, enrich our community in extraordinary ways.  Antoine’s example shows that even the smallest acts can lead to great things!  Antoine definitely Lives United.



  • 124 clients of Orange Grove Adult Services are gainfully employed, and a part of our community’s workforce!
  • 1,034 people served through United Way's funded Support programs were able to live independently.
  • 1,306 adults and children with mental and physical challenges go the help they needed through United Way-funded programs.