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Let’s take social good out of the virtual and into the real world. Let’s create real impact in our communities. 

That's where you come in.  Social media is completely transforming our ability to create change.  You may never hear about these opportunities without your online, social community. We need people like you to harness its power and educate your networks about United Way and our work in transforming physical communities.

Join us. By advocating online - and uniting other online advocates - you are empowered to change perceptions and actions IRL. 

So visit this page often – make it a part of your routine   - and we’ll make it easy for you to share information about United Way, our work, and our vision for a stronger and healthier community. You got this.


Help us get students ready for school by making sure theyhave the tools (and supplies) they need to succeed. Post these pictures withthe hashtag #StufftheBusCHA and let your network know their donations help theHamilton County Council of PTA's Teacher Supply Depot and the Nehemiah Project.  And please be sure to tell them to text '4supplies' to 41444 to donate directly from their mobile to United Way's Stuff the Bus campaign. To share animage, just click on it to download it to your cell, tablet or computer. Then post and share away!


385 Hamilton County public school students are still waiting for a mentor. Scary. But you can support the work of the Chattanooga Mentoring Collective by sharing these images with the #MentorChatt hashtag.  When you share these images, you can help these kids find a caring adult by including the MentorChatt.org website or by reminding your online community to text 'MentorChatt' to 50503 to receive a link to enroll. To share an image, just click on it to download it to your cell, tablet, or computer.  Then post and share away!