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December 11th, 2011

United Way’s Volunteer Center will again host “The Giving Tree” this year, before the Christmas holidays.  This event is sponsored by the Greater Chattanooga Corporate Volunteer Council to collect donations of gifts and toys to distribute to families in need during the holidays.  Families who are unable to meet agency program registration deadlines and those who have adult age children (who do not qualify for any program assistance) are referred to “The Giving Tree” for last minute help through United Way’s 2-1-1 Call Center.  Last year 79 families received last minute assistance through this volunteer effort.

You can help by hosting a gift and/or toy drive at your office. Look below to see a list of suggested gifts. Gifts are especially needed for both boys and girls ages 13 and up


All donations should be delivered to United Way’s Volunteer Center, 630 Market St. Chattanooga, TN 37402 by Tuesday, December 20. 

For more information contact United Way’s Volunteer Center at 423-752-0316or email Center Director Windy Brooks at windybrooks@uwchatt.org


  • Infants to age 3 (Male & Female)
    1. Discovery toys
    2. Coats
    3. Hat & glove sets
    4. Blankets
    5. Shirts
    6. Pants

*Please note: We have already received a donation of stuffed animals

  • Girls - (Please refer to age groups listed below)
    1. Barbie dolls (All Ethnic Groups)
    2. Baby dolls (All Ethnic Groups)
    3. Clothes for dolls
    4. Tea sets
    5. DVDs
    6. CDs
    7. Purses
    8. Backpacks
    9. Handheld games
    10. Earrings
    11. Hat & scarf sets
    12. Manicure sets
    13. Inexpensive jewelry
    14. Balls: soccer/basketball/softball
    15. Skate boards
    16. Blow dryers
    17. Curling irons
    18. Makeup
    19. Board games (Please note: We have already received a donation of Candyland & Cootie Games)
  • Boys - (Please refer to age groups listed below)
    1. Balls: basketball/soccer/baseball
    2. Skate boards
    3. Handheld games
    4. Backpacks
    5. Hat & glove sets
    6. CDs
    7. DVDs
    8. Fishing Poles
    9. Back packs
    10. Trucks
    11. Cars
    12. Board games (Please note: We have already received a donation of Candyland & Cootie Games)
  • Adults - Male & Female (Please refer to age groups listed below)
    1. Snuggies/blankets
    2.  Ladies inexpensive jewelry
    3. Ladies Purses
    4. Men’s wallets
    5. Back packs
    6. Manicure sets
    7. Inexpensive hand held games
    8. Cards
    9.  Tool kits
    10. Flash lights
    11. Men’s wrist watches
  • Other Items needed:
    1. Tissue paper
    2. Wrapping paper
    3. Bows
    4. Ribbons
    5. Tape
  • Please remember these age groups as you make your selections:
    • Infants to age 3
    • 3-5 yrs old
    • 6-8 yrs old
    • 9-12yrs old
    • 13-17 yrs old
    • Adults-18 years and older

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