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July 31st, 2012

Better Business Bureau Notices

Phishing Alert

BBB just got word that there is a texting scam going around the area where consumers are being told that their bank accounts have been deactivated. They are instructed to call 423-665-1106, and one of the first things they are asked to do is key in their 16 digit debit/credit card number. Please disregard and delete the text. Should you have further questions, please call your bank or financial institution at the number on the back of your debit or credit card.

BBB Update on another Last Scam Alert

There are now reports that e-mails are being sent to companies and individuals with the story that a Better Business Bureau complaint is being closed and needs your attention. The following is an example. Please disregard and delete this email, then run a virus scan on your computer.  DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!


BBB Serving Southeast TN & Northwest Georgia 
423-267-1924 (fax)


(Sample of emails received by potential victims)

Subject: RE: Case# 7515005: [Name]
Importance: High 
July 31, 2012 
RE: Case# 7515005: [Name]

Dear Company:

As you are aware, the Better Business Bureau contacted you regarding the above-named complainant, seeking a response to this complaint. Your position is available online.

The following URL (website address) below will take you directly to this complaint and you will be able to view the response directly on our website:

[Link Has Been Removed]

The complainant has been notified of your response.

The BBB believes that your response adequately addresses the disputed issues and/or has exhibited a good faith effort to resolve the complaint. The complaint will close as "Administratively Judged Resolved" and our records will be updated.

If you fail to honor your agreement or if the consumer has information that disputes the accuracy of your firm's response, we will notify your office with substantiation to support the consumer's position and the case will be re-opened. Cases will not be re-opened without documentation or good cause.

The BBB appreciates this opportunity to serve you. Dispute Resolution Department


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