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October 27th, 2016


And a campaign update too...

We're pleased to announce that at this point in the campaign, we have reached $3.5 Million in our effort to raise a quarter of a million more in 2016 than we did last year.  

We don't like to think of this as raising funds- we think of it in terms of providing opportunities for parents to prepare their children for school using programs like Ready4K and Chattanooga Basics

Or we think of it in terms of how many more than 18,000 children could receive a free book each month. 

Maybe it's about ultimately enrolling more than 1,000 mentors to help local students improve their grades and graduate on time by showing them the future they can achieve. 

Whatever you want to call it, it's really a campaign to build a stronger and healthier community for  everyone. 

If you follow this link, you can read our Community Report that will be an insert in Friday's Chattanooga Times Free Press.  It details just a few of the accomplishments we achieved in our previous campaign. 

If you would like to be involved, call us at 423-752-0300, and we'll find something that matches your passion - the way our passion is helping our neighbors live the best lives they can. 

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