Planned gifts made through your will are very flexible and cost you nothing during your lifetime.
How it works
Include a bequest to United Way of Greater Chattanooga in your will. You just indicate a specific amount you would like to give or a percentage of any remaining balance of your estate.
How you make the gift
Make a simple designation in your will. Use our Sample Bequest Language to get started.
Benefits to the donor
  • It's a simple gift. A short paragraph in your will can set up your gift.
  • It's also flexible: You can give a specific asset or a share of your estate. Your bequest can support a particular program or allow United Way to use it to meet the most critical needs when it's received.
  • It's revocable: A bequest is a gift that doesn't affect your current asset balance or cash flow. If your plans change, you can easily revise it.
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Life Insurance
Donate a policy, take a deduction, deduct future premium payments (if any) and make an extraordinary gift!
How it works:
You transfer ownership of a paid-up life insurance policy to United Way of Greater Chattanooga. United Way then elects to cash in the policy now or hold on to the policy.
How to make the gift
Simply contact your life insurance company and request a Change of Beneficiary/Ownership form. Designate United Way of Greater Chattanooga as the new owner and beneficiary of your policy.
Benefits to the donor:
  • It's convenient: Make a gift using an asset that you and your family no longer need.
  • It's deductable: Receive an income tax deduction and/or deduct future premium payments
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Appreciated Stock
Because of some unique tax advantages, giving stock can be more beneficial than giving cash!
How it Works:
You can transfer appreciated stocks, bond or mutual funds that you have held for longer than one year. United Way of Greater Chattanooga will sell these donated securities and use the proceeds to support programs.
How you make the gift:
Contact United Way of Greater Chattanooga for assistance with transfer instructions. If you own securities in a brokerage account, we can help you set up and electronic transfer of shares to our brokerage account. If you possess actual stock certificates, we can tell you how to sign the certificates over to us and fill out a stock power form.
Benefits to you:
  • You get an immediate income tax deduction for the fair market value of your securities on the date of transfer, no matter what you originally paid for them.
  • You pay no capital gains tax on the transfer.
  • Because of the appreciation factor, gifts of securities will cost you less than giving the same amount in cash.
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Retirement Plan
Your retirement fund can be taxed up to 80% if passed on to heirs, yet it's tax-free to charity!
How it works:
United Way of Greater Chattanooga receives all or a portion of the remainder of your retirement plan to use for program funding or a purpose you designate. You leave less-taxed assets to your family.
How to make the gift:
Name United Way of Greater Chattanooga as the recipient of all or a portion of the remainder of your IRA, 401(k) or other qualified plan. The balance in your plan will be passed to United Way after your death.
Benefits to you:
  • Avoid the double-taxation your retirement saving would face if you designate them to your heirs.
  • Continue to take regular lifetime withdrawals
  • You have the flexibility to change beneficiaries if your family's needs change during your lifetime.
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Other Ways to Give
CRUTs, CRATs, CLUTs and more! There are a world of other ways to make substantial planned gifts to United Way of Greater Chattanooga that can benefit you now and later! Here are just a few:
  • Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA): If you just want to make a simple gift that can give you income for life, this may be for you.
  • Charitable Lead Trust (CLUT): Reduce estate taxes on what you pass on to your heirs, while retaining control of your assets.
  • Charitable Remainder UniTrust (CRUT): Create a trust that pays you income while avoiding or deferring capital gains tax.
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT): Preserve your assets and minimize estate taxes for your heirs using life insurance.
PLEASE NOTE: Planned gifts like those mentioned above are legal documents. Please consult with a qualified third party (for example, a lawyer or CPA) about planning and implementing these gifts. Please contact Brent Taylor at (423) 752-0310 for more information.
Have you ever wished you could support United Way of Greater Chattanooga and improve your financial security at the same time?

Well you can! In fact, planning a future gift to United Way of Greater Chattanooga can return an immediate tax deduction to you, lifetime income for you and a loved one, plus long-term financial support to United Way.

How is this possible? By taking advantage of incentives the IRS provides, we can plan a gift that delivers the benefits to us, and to you, that you have been looking for.

So whether you want to make a gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime, or a gift that gives you guaranteed income for life, this website is where you'll find out how to make it happen.

Where to Begin?
First and foremost, remember you don't have to be wealthy to make a significant gift to United Way of Greater Chattanooga.

Second, begin browsing through the tabs on this page. You will be pleased and amazed at the opportunities you have to leave a substantial legacy to advance the common good for years to come.

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